If you wish to use one of the machines in the lab, you are first to do a tutorial on this machine.


This tutorial is a booklet, which helps you realise a particular example. At certain points in the tutorial you will have your work checked by the lab supervisor.

After completion of this tutorial, your name will be added to the list of licensed users for that particular machine.

You can do these tutorials every Wednesday if the machine in question is available.

Digital versions of these tutorials can be found on the website here,. However, the idea is to DO what is described in them, not just to read it.

Please note most tutorials are in Dutch. We have English tutorials for the Cyborg lasercutter and for the 3D-printers. We currently do not have French tutorials.




After doing these tutorials you are licensed to use the machines every Wednesday.

You cannot make reservations, use of the machines is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Coffee is free if you make a fresh pot after finishing the previous one and if you clean your own cup.




What does it cost?

-Learning to work with the machines is always free for everyone.
-if you are younger than 18 you only pay for materials, use of all the machines is free.
-if you are a student at VUB or EhB you only pay for materials, use of all the machines is free.

-if you are none of the above, you pay 20 euro/hour for the red lasercutter, 40 euro/hour for the grey lasercutter.
You weigh parts you 3D-printed, and pay 15 cent/gram of plastic.
Use of the CNC-machines is on an hourly rate as we do not want you to hurry when using these. Instead we ask you to buy your own milling bit from us.
If you do not break it, you can reuse it at your next visit.




When is the lab open for…


The lab is open for everyone on Wednesday from 13h tot 21h. Please check ‘Agenda’, as special opening hours might apply during exams and holidays.


The lab is open for students from every department of VUB /EhB on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 13h to 21h.

If you need to learn to work with a new machine, please visit on Wednesdays.
Thursdays are intended for people who already are familiar with the machine they need to use.
On Thursdays you can come in and work, but there is no help available for training.


We aim to have the lab open for you every day of the week, providing we can find enough people to supervise the lab.







Visitors or VUB-students:    lieven.standaert@vub.ac.be, 0032.486.945.529

Multec, Dig-X or Erasmus:   contact stijn.de.mil@ehb.be

You can also consult https://www.facebook.com/groups/fablabbrussels/
Please note this is the facebook page of the fablab student group, and messages there are intended for our students.
Opening hours discussed there are not public opening hours, unless explicitly indicated.

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