• You will need a laptop for this workshop!
  • Workshop in English or Dutch – by Jonas or Lieven – max 10 people
  • Duration: approx 3h
  • Prerequisites: a basic knowledge of either Fusion360 or Autodesk inventor.
    (this workshop is about 3D-milling, it does not teach 3D-modelling)
  • Price:
    • Free for VUB-students & personel
    • Free for people younger than 18
    • ULB students: 20 euros
    • Visitors (18+): 20 euros
  • Contents:
    • How to set up a file /toolpaths for the machines
    • Use of the EdingCNC controllers.
    • All our CNC-machines use the same controller, if you know how to use one, you should be able to use them all.
    • How to mount/fix stock
    • Types of endmill cutters
    • Milling a first part in wood
  • This workshop is required to get access to the small BZT, the ISEL & the CAM2 CNC-machines
  • This workshop does not give access to the RIVA & Hartford, these are more advanced machines. Ask Lieven or Jonas how to get access to these machines.

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