If you wish to use one of the machines in the lab, you need to attend a workshop

You can find an overview of available workshops on our calendar: http://www.fablab-brussels.be/fablab-english/agenda/


How about the tutorials you used to use?

We still like these, and intend to reintroduce them on our new location. However, they need to be rewritten to fit the new setups. For now we like the workshops as it allows us to train users in a bit more controlled way. We also do not have tutorials for the new machines & tools. Digital versions of the tutorials can still be found here,.


Can I make a reservation to use a machine?

Sorry, no. Machines are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If the machine is occupied, you’ll have to wait your turn. We have coffee. If you want to know if a machine is available you can phone us on Wednesday.


I need this thing made, can you make it/3D-print it / cut it / design it for me?

We gladly teach you how to use the machines, but we do not make anything for anyone.


What does it cost?

Check our ‘Materials and prices’ page



When is the lab open for…


The lab is open for everyone on Wednesday from 13h tot 22h. Please check our calendar as special opening hours might apply during exams and holidays.



Hi. We look forward to working together. We offer one day per week free access.
Use of the machines is free for both university and personal projects. You pay for the materials..



We aim to have the lab open for you every day of the week, providing we can find enough people to supervise the lab.



Visitors or VUB-students:    lieven.standaert@vub.ac.be, 0032.486.945.529 You can also consult https://www.facebook.com/groups/fablabbrussels/ Please note this is the facebook page of the fablab student group, and messages there are intended for our students. Opening hours discussed there are not public opening hours, unless explicitly indicated.

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