Lab Rules

We welcome everybody that wants to create something in our lab. We do ask that you follow our lab rules. By working in our lab, you commit yourself to following these rules.

General rules

  1. Opening hours:
    The lab is open for everyone on Wednesday afternoon between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. (13:00 – 20:00). If you want to access the lab on other days/hours, please contact us.

    Different opening hours may apply during holidays, please check the website for the adapted hours.

  2. Fablab Crew:
    Jonas and Lieven are the 2 head responsibles. We also have a “student crew” that voluntarily helps us maintain the machines and keep an eye on safety in the lab.

    We ask that you treat these people with respect and follow their instructions.


  1. Safety glasses:
    We do not provide safety glasses. It is our belief that when people have their own safety glasses, they will wear them more often since they have less scratches. Experience has told us that provided safety glasses end up with endless scratches after a few days already.

    You can buy safety glasses at the lab for 5 euro.
  2. Clothing:
    We expect you to wear appropriate clothes when working with the machines. This means no scarfs or similar stuff when working with rotating machines, a labcoat when working with chemicals and closed shoes at all times.
  3. Passageways:
    Walking areas have been marked in the lab using striped tape. It is forbidden to place any obstacles in these areas as they are part of the evacuation routes in case of emergencies.
  4. Machines:
    It is mandatory to use the appropriate PPE when working with the machines. During the introduction/workshop, the safety prescriptions will be addressed. These will also be on the machines themselves or on the doors of the machine room.

Order & tidiness

When you are done working, please clean up the table you have been working at. There are multiple cleaning stations across the lab containing paper and cleaning products should you need them.

Please put back the chairs in an orderly fashion.

Badge system

Most of the machines are equipped with a badge system. This system allows us to control who can use which machines and when. You are only allowed to work with a machine after completing an introduction for the specific machine family.

The use of badges is strictly personal. It is forbidden to lend badges to other people, even when they can already work with the machine. By lending your badge, you are solely responsible for the consequences in case of problems/accidents.


If you use our material, we ask that you pay for it before taking/using it. You can find an overview of available materials and their cost here: (Link to be inserted)