Lockdown – closed

In Belgium, the corona numbers keep rising. That’s why the Belgian government took new measures. They even called it a lockdown. This also has implications for the VUB:

  • Students are not allowed to visit the campus, unless there is an essential reason to do so.
  • Online education and teleworking are obligatory
  • Untill Monday November 30th, only distance learning is allowed. All practical classes and exercises will take place digitally. If possible, we continue under code red from December 1st.

Since the Fablab is part of the VUB, we must close the lab for visitors, VUB personel and students alike.

Should the VUB continue under code red from December 1st, then the lab will reopen for students and personel of the VUB. Visitors will be allowed if the situation allows it. Please contact us (Fablab@vub.be) if you want to be sure that we are open for public.

Stay Safe.

Fablab Team

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